More than 40 people participated in the Helping Hands for Holtry Ride at Cyclebar Saturday.

The fundraising event honored Cpl. Kevin Holtry who was shot in the line of duty one year ago.

"It's been a long year,” he said. “It's been a grind, but kind of celebrating today more than feeling sad. It's a better day for me to be alive. It's good stuff."

All of the proceeds from the indoor cycling class are being used to purchase an arm ergometer. It’s a piece of equipment that was an important part of Holtry’s rehabilitation and will help him continue to get stronger.

"I hated them at first, but I grew to love them a little bit,” Holtry said. “I'm excited to get back on it."

It’s a basically a bike you pedal with your arms.

Originally the idea was for the equipment to go home with Holtry, but he wanted to keep it here so others can use it too.

“I could have taken it home and used it, but I think if somebody else that's in a chair can come here and experience the same thing,” he said. “Let them use it as well. Let them get out of the house and exercise. I'm more than happy to do that."

Cyclebar is donating 100 percent of the proceeds for this class to that. The owner, JP Green, said it's the least they can do.

"Kevin is a friend of mine. What better way to help him continue with his progress than to do something that involves fitness, involves community and hopefully uplifts his spirits."

Donations are being accepted all weekend long at Cyclebar, located in The Village at Meridian.