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City of Boise receives complaints over multiple riders on one scooter

According to both Bird and Lime, only one person is allowed at a time on their electric scooters.

BOISE — Lime and Bird electric scooters have been in Boise for two weeks, and the city says so far the new transit program is going well.

"If you don't want to walk or you are in a hurry, running to a meeting, it’s been hugely positive for them to get across town and downtown especially," Lana Graybeal, communications manager for the City of Boise, said.

But there have been a few incidents with the e-scooters.

Since they launched, a Saint Alphonsus representative said at least one person has been hospitalized for scooter-related injuries. And Boise police are investigating another minor incident.

"It was an individual on the sidewalk and someone was riding on the sidewalk and they got bumped into," Graybeal said.

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The most prominent complaint: Several people piling on one scooter.

"From a city perspective, there is not a whole lot we can do in terms of enforcement unless a code compliance officer sees it, or a police officer sees them," Graybeal said.

Even then, Graybeal said the offense doesn't warrant a ticket or citation.

"Really, all we can do is recommend that they ride safely, and it's one per person."

KTVB reached out to Lime and Bird for comment but didn't receive a response.

Graybeal said the city has made both companies aware of the issue. But overall, Boise remains confident about the future of scooters in Boise.