A building that's been a home for life savers and life changers for more than a century in north Boise has some new owners.

The building on Fort Street near 16th and Resseguie streets was built in 1911 as a Boise Fire station. In 1952, it became home to the Grapevine, an addiction recovery center that has been renting the building from the city.

The city recently decided to sell the building because of asbestos and lead paint.

In a live auction Wednesday morning, Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson put in the winning bid -- $240,000 plus auction fees.

Caldwell and Robertson are home renovators and stars of an HGTV show called "Boise Boys." They said they could not talk on camera today.

Rob Tiedemann, the president of the Grapevine, says he would like to negotiate with the new owners. But right now what's next is not clear.

"Recovery runs on hope and today is a sad day for us,” said Tiedemann. “Recovery has lost a little bit of hope. It's withered a little bit, but we will do as we have learned, and that is to feel the loss, accept the pain, learn from the experience, and we will move on."

Tiedemann also says that he wanted to thank Boise's mayor, city council, and staff for acting in good faith during the two years that the Grapevine and the city tried to negotiate a long-term solution.

The grapevine also holds meetings at the Interfaith Sanctuary and will continue to do so.