BOISE - Children from across the Treasure Valley worked to light up the Idaho State Veterans Home Saturday night, with the Luminous Lantern Parade.

This is the 24th year for the parade.

Kids of all ages design lanterns, bring them to the veterans home and then parade around the campus. They start at the home, then walk up and around near the VA hospital and back. While parading, they also sing Christmas carols.

The idea is to bring some joy to the veterans living in the home or staying at the hospital.

"I appreciate so much the love that the children show to our veterans," Phil Hawkins, organizer, said. "It's heartwarming. When I come through here after the walk, I am so emotional with pride that we have children today that care about our veterans as much as they do and come through in this home. It overwhelms me."

Once the parade portion of the night is finished everyone gathers in the dining hall in the veterans home for the contest. The kids shared the stories behind their lanterns and why they designed them the way they did.

Judges pick winners from each age group. Judging criteria include creativity, luminescence and the oral presentation.