The new year brings new changes to what you can and cannot recycle in southern Idaho.

Republic Services, which collects trash from Ada, Canyon and Elmore counties, will no longer accept certain types of plastics to be recycled.

Aiming to reduce contamination, the Chinese government is putting a complete ban on "recycled mixed plastics" effective January 1st.

Items banned items include bubble wrap, filmy frozen food covers, plastic shopping bags, or any plastic labeled with numbers three through seven.

"So that's really had an impact on cities across the country and across the world who ship a lot of their recyclable materials to China, so essentially cities and municipalities are grappling how to deal with this," says Colin Hickman with Boise Public Works.

When in doubt on what to recycle, look for the right number.

Republic Services is now only allowing plastics to be recycled with a number one or two on the bottom.

This includes milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles and soda bottles.

Those who live in Boise can ignore this new rule, at least for a few months.

"For the city of Boise, for our residents and our citizens it's business as usual until the spring, we're asking them to recycle as normal until changes this spring," says Hickman.

Hickman says people in Boise can expect to hear about their new recycling rules sometimes this week.

"As soon as these changes came out from China with restrictions and with the bans we're working really hard and diligently to come up with a solution that fits the city of Boise, fits the value of our citizens and will work for the city and the plastics that we collect," says Hickman.