BOISE -- The third Friday in September is a day to honor Americans who have been prisoners of war and those who have never come home.

A ceremony took place Friday on the grounds of the VA Hospital in Boise.

A "Missing Man" table was set in honor of a service member still listed as missing in action.

The director of the Boise Valley POW/MIA Corporation says more than 82,400 Americans who served in conflicts dating back to World War II are still unaccounted for. He also said that behind every one of those numbers is a family who has been waiting for answers.

Director Ralph Kramer said: "Today of all days, I'd like people to just take a second and think about it. There's loved ones out there that are missing. How would they feel it was one of their relatives and just pray that we get 'em all back home? That's our ultimate goal."

The POW/MIA flag flew at all United States military installations on Friday.