As the Treasure Valley's population continues to grow, more rooftops go up, classrooms see overcrowding, and commutes on the interstate get longer.

"Canyon County has seen growth that is so hard to keep up with that they can't build houses fast enough," said District 11 Rep. Christy Perry.

"As you know Idaho is growing quickly," said Director of Idaho's State Liquor Division Jeff Anderson. "In fact we're the fastest growing state in the country right now."

Anderson says one industry that hasn't grown along with the population is the amount of liquor stores. He says we've had the same number of stores as a decade ago. There are several in Ada County but as you go west that number drastically drops off.

"This really isn't about convenience as it is about service gaps that we have in places where rooftops are popping up and moving," Anderson said.

The agency, with a recommendation from Gov. Butch Otter, is looking for lawmakers' approval to add two new stores, a nod they didn't get last year.

"Primarily in south Boise, west Meridian, east Nampa and that whole area out there," Anderson said. "Homes are going in and shopping centers are going up. It's time. We did move a store several years ago to Ten Mile and Ustick and that's proven to us that there's a market out there."

A concern from lawmakers: Will more stores bring about overconsumption?

"I don't think that's something that we need to be concerned with," Anderson said. "Is there going to be more consumption? Yes because there's more people."

Another concern: financial return. Anderson says building new stores would about $500,000. He says the stores will pay for themselves very quickly and the rest of the profits would go toward state, county and city governments.