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Idaho laws going into effect at the start of 2023

Here's what the start of the year brings within Idaho politics.

IDAHO, USA — Three bills are now law at the start of 2023.  Here's what we know.

SB 1298: Adds to existing law to provide certain protections regarding automatic subscription renewals

This amends the Idaho Consumer Protection Act. It requires that the consumer of a subscription must be able to cancel the subscription the same way they subscribed to it -- "click to cancel."

SB 1259:  Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding the exclusion of certain Medicaid income for a certified family home provider.

This would allow those who are the owner of a Certified Family Home to apply for property tax relief through the Circuit Breaker program. The Circuit Breaker is only applicable to those who earn less than $32,230 per year, according to the bill text.

 Then, those owners could exempt the payment used to take care of someone in their home and apply that to the Circuit Breaker application.

HB 527: Amends existing law to provide for the addition of a “USA” citizenship designation on driver’s licenses and identification cards.

The insignia upon someone's driver's license would imply U.S citizenship.

HB 673: Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding property that has changed in use.

The bill removes the obligation by taxing districts to deduct reduction in value that came from a change of land use.

HB 575: Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding lease to purchase arrangements for courthouses and jails.

This legislation amends the maximum duration of county leases for courthouses or jails from 30 years to five years. Any lease agreement past five years would require a majority decision from voters.

HB 747: Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding the salaries of state elective officials.

The governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of state, and other top elected official salaries are now increased within the bill text. Certain officials get a percentage of what the governor makes, therefore raising their annual salaries. The governor did not sign this into law -- Little let the bill go into law without his signature.

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