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Gov. Brad Little signs 2 executive orders to reduce Idaho regulations

Idaho's new governor said the changes will make businesses more efficient - and keep residents safe.

BOISE, Idaho — Gov. Brad Little has signed two executive orders he said will remove outdated regulations that are obstacles to economic prosperity in Idaho.

The Licensing Freedom Act puts in place sunrise and sunset processes for future occupational licensing laws. Sunset means it would limit how long those licensing laws are in effect. 

The second executive order, the Red Tape Reduction Act, requires state agencies that have authority to issue administrative rules to identify at least two existing rules to be repealed or significantly simplified for every rule they propose.

"One of my goals as governor is to ensure that Idahoans have the utmost confidence in our state government," Gov. Little said. "As we see, particularly on the national level and around, increased skepticism of government, it is paramount that we assure confidence in our government. Both of these executive orders take steps toward making Idaho state government simpler for our citizens and its impact."

The Red Tape Reduction Act also requires agencies to submit a business competitive impact statement that identifies the impact any proposed rule would have on individuals and small businesses.

The orders also put in place a process for modifying or eliminating nearly 250 occupational licenses out of some 450 such licenses identified in the state.

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Little signed the orders at a desk with three stacks of papers approaching 2 feet (.6-meter) tall representing some 72,000 restrictions he says the state imposes on business.

Little said proposed changes will go through a public process.

He said the changes will make businesses more efficient and also keep Idahoans safe in their daily lives.

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