BOISE, Idaho — Supporters of Marsy's Law for Idaho gathered in the Lincoln Auditorium in the Idaho Capitol building Wednesday morning. They were there encouraging Idahoans to help them pass a constitutional amendment that would give equal rights for crime victims.

Last week, the Senate State Affairs Committee voted unanimously to introduce a joint resolution for Marsy's Law.

If approved, Marsy's Law would require victims to be notified in a timely manner of all court proceedings involving suspects. It would also notify victims if the suspect escaped from prison or didn't show up for parole.

“We have some updating to do in our Constitution, and one of those issues that is very important is that issue of standing. We have to ensure that victims' rights have the same equal footing and standing in the Constitution as criminals' rights,” said Rep. Brent Crane, R-Nampa.

Marsy's Law is named for a California woman who was killed after her ex-boyfriend was released from jail without her being notified.