After fireworks ignited the Table Rock Fire last June, the push to make it harder to buy illegal fireworks in Idaho is reaching the Statehouse.

Lawmakers are drafting legislation that would make it unlawful to buy or possess illegal fireworks in the state.

Supporters say this legislation will fix a loophole in an existing law.

Currently, you can buy or sell illegal fireworks in Idaho, but you can't use them here.

Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan says changing the law will not only protect the community from potential fires, but also save taxpayers money.

"Well it's fun, we love the Fourth of July, everybody loves the Fourth of July, and I love going down to Ann Morrison (Park) and watching the fireworks, but when your right to buy fireworks infringes on other people's home burning down, and the foothills burning down, I think we have to change," said Doan.

Doan is supporting efforts in the Idaho Legislature that would make aerial fireworks illegal to buy and use in the state. Currently, when you purchase these type of fireworks, you simply sign an agreement saying you will not light them in Idaho.

"This comes down to a mistake in the original drafting and a loophole in the bill, so it was never intended that we do retail sales of aerial fireworks inside of Idaho," said Rep. Matt Erpelding.

"To me it's like, we have states around us that have recreational marijuana, what if in Idaho we started selling kids marijuana and all they had to do is sign and say they weren't going to smoke it in Idaho?" said Doan.

Boise Democrat Matt Erpelding is drafting the bill. He says the idea sprung out of the Table Rock Fire last summer, which was sparked by illegal fireworks. Around 2,500 acres of foothills land burned and one home was lost. The cost of fighting the fire tallied around $350,000.

"The thousands of dollars that was cost and the damage in terms of to rehabilitate that to make sure that the invasive species don't get on to Table Rock will far exceed a million dollars just for that one fire a alone," said Erpelding.

"Illegal fireworks are already illegal, we're just saying you can't sell them in Idaho. That's all we're saying,” said Doan. “You can continue to buy the safe and sane fireworks, we want to make illegal fireworks truly illegal."

Erpelding says the biggest challenge they will face will be from those who sell illegal fireworks.

We reached out to some local fireworks businesses. Some were not available to talk to us, and others declined to comment saying they want to wait until there is legislation that has been introduced.

Erpelding says he hopes to have a bill drafted by next week.