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Bill would tax vape sales in Idaho

Legislation was introduced Monday by Boise Rep. John Gannon.

BOISE, Idaho — A bill has been introduced at the Statehouse that would put a 15% retail tax on vape sales in Idaho.

Boise Democratic Rep. John Gannon is sponsoring the bill. Rep. Greg Chaney is the co-sponsor.

The House Revenue and Taxation Committee voted 10-2 Monday morning to print the bill.

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Tax proceeds from the sales of e-cigarettes would go to the Millennium Fund to be used for vaping education and outreach projects.  

"Vaping has become an epidemic for our youth. This legislation is being brought to raise awareness of the issue." Gannon explained. "In my district, schools have had increases in incidents involving students vaping. I am very concerned about how that impacts the health of the young people in my district and all over the state. There needs to be education and outreach to curb their use."

Gannon said the 15% is similar to how cigarettes are taxed. This bill would tax any vape material that contains nicotine.

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He believes that education and outreach will help to curb their use.

The bill has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.