Jerry Lee Lane is usually a quiet street, but early Sunday morning that all changed when a culvert failed and the road collapsed, blocking the water flow. This caused feet of water to flood nearby homes.

"We just started putting everything up on the couches, on the counters, on the beds," said homeowner Angela Bassett. "We just got everything up off the floor that we could and then just stood there and watched it flood."

Before long, Bassett had 18 inches of water in her home and two and a half feet outside her door.

"No one was claiming responsibility," said Bassett. "No one would get equipment out here so we had to just watch it flood."

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When the water finally receded 12 hours later, Bassett could see all the damage.

"I'm not really dealing with it really well today, but it is what it is," said Bassett.

Now the furniture that used to fill the rooms in her house is sitting on her front lawn destroyed. The inside of her home, empty.

"It literally is everything," Bassett said. "The house is empty to the studs."

Crews are taking out everything the water touched, since Bassett says it tested positive for E.coli.

"They're going through two feet up cutting out everything," said Bassett.

The flood has left people like Bassett and her neighbors unsure of the future.

"None of us have flood insurance, so our homeowners insurance isn't going to cover anything," said Sandy Clancy, a woman who lives five houses down from Bassett.

Road crews continue to work through what irrigation officials say is a slow process.

"You're removing this crossing from the water so everything you're doing is underwater," said Mark Zirschky, superintendent of Pioneer Irrigation District. "It's hard to see down there."

Residents we spoke with say they want to know what happened. Officials with the Canyon County Highway District #4 say at this point, they don't know what exactly went wrong and Zirschky says they might never know.

"At this point we know the road crossing failed and that is under the jurisdiction of the highway district and that is all we know," Zirschky said. "It's a very devastating situation for them to be in."