Canyon County officials have their eyes on Canyon Springs High School as a potential spot to further expand the county campus.

For county employees, the location is convenient, but students could also benefit from relocating.

The school is extremely close to the rest of the county facilities.

The close proximity has actually been a problem for the Caldwell School District, which is why they are considering this deal.

Around 250 students are enrolled at Canyon Springs High School, an alternative school just a short walk from the Canyon County Courthouse, administrative building and jail, where 9 inmates have escaped since December of 2015.

“We have to go into a lockdown because we are so close to that, it’s a safety issue. If you are asking me that personally, I feel it’s a safety issue for students,” said Caldwell School District Superintendent Shalene French.

Which is why when approached by the county earlier this year, French said the school board was interested.

“It seems to make sense but we will see,” she said.

KTVB spoke with Canyon County spokesman Joe Decker through email, who says the Canyon Springs High location is just one of several nearby properties officials are considering purchasing for campus expansion.

Right now the property is being assessed, and French expects to have that report back sometime this week.

If the deal does go through, French says relocating students to the Caldwell School District office would be a viable option.

“When you walk in you can see that this was a school,” points out French.

As far as when a potential move would take place, French says at least one year so students and teachers would have time to transition.

But the superintendent wants to be clear, selling the high school doesn't mean the students won’t have a place to learn.

“I think there is a little concern from students, where would we go? Well you would go to school, it just might be somewhere else down the street,” said French.

Decker also wanted to make it clear that if the county does purchase the high school, it will not be used for any jail expansion projects.