A big announcement was made on Friday for Caldwell. A movie theater is coming to downtown, with construction planned to start on Monday.

Building permits were submitted for the 11-screen Reel Theatre on 10th and Arthur Friday morning. With all the planning and preparation between the city and the Gardner Company, work is expected to start right away.

"We'll have a plaza in front of the theater," explained Tommy Ahlquist, who is chief operating officer for the Gardner Company. "We'll have some other multi-tenant buildings, hopefully with some quick-serve restaurants and sit-down restaurants because that's what we need downtown, and then there will be some other, hopefully retain businesses that come into those spaces."

It's been three years in the making, but Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas says it will be well worth the wait when the project is complete in March.

"The goal is we have a walkable downtown with the creek, with the plaza, ice skating, go see a movie, go to the restaurant, go to Norman Jewelers and buy your girlfriend your engagement ring," said Nancolas. "The opportunity to keep people downtown is what we're after here.