CALDWELL - Imagine it’s the end of the month and you’re not sure how you're going to cover rent and face the threat of eviction.

Unfortunately, it’s a scenario many Treasure Valley families are hit with when unexpected emergencies or expenses come up.

Caldwell is launching a new program this month aimed at helping families stay in their homes and get back on their feet.

This homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program is a team effort between the City of Caldwell and Advocates Against Family Violence. It is funded through an urban housing and community block grant.

This is the first time that Caldwell families at risk of losing their housing can get assistance in town without having to travel to Boise or Nampa.

"When it comes down to do we get the car fixed or do we feed the kids, yeah we will be there to help support you pay your utilities, help with rent," said Kim Deugan, Executive Director, Advocates Against Family Violence.

The program is designed to assist Caldwell residents who are in danger of losing their housing after an emergency or hardship.

"Whether that’s a family emergency, a car repair situation, a medical emergency or any other emergency that has really put them in danger of losing their housing or has put them in a situation where they are currently un-homed," said block grant coordinator Elizabeth McNannay.

Emergency funding can be doled out for up to 90 days, whether it’s going toward rent and utilities for a family with an existing residence or toward getting into emergency housing for those without a place to live.

To find out if you are eligible for the program, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has a breakdown of qualifying incomes and the number of people in each household.

"I think as a whole it will really come in and help support those who are feeling like maybe life has dealt them a bad deal and it will give them that little bit of oomph that they need to carry on and become thriving members of society," Deugan said.

The city will begin taking applicants later this month.

If you have questions about applying you can contact the City of Caldwell, and you can check out the HUD qualifying chart to see if you qualify for assistance.

Canyon County HUD Income Limits on Scribd