What do you want from your police department? It’s a question the Boise Police Department is looking to you to help answer with a brand new initiative to the City of Trees. Boise Police Chief Bill Bones is forming the Chief’s Community Advisory Panel.

“This is the beginning of a panel that we believe will be a lasting change for the Boise Police Department,” Boise Police Chief Bill Bones said.

The community panel will help the Boise Police Department determine what priorities they should be setting and how the department can better police the community they serve.

“Everything from maybe a crime that's going on in your neighborhood, but also the way we provide police services. Where should we be putting our priorities and our personnel? What focus should we be looking at?” Bones said.

The group will meet four times a year with Chief Bones and help develop concepts, improve public service, and also help provide transparency between his department and the city of Boise.

“This is more than just an email or a filtered comment. It's that direct face-to-face and really learning what people’s concerns and thoughts are,” Bones said.

Bones added it is an initiative other police departments across the county have also adopted to help improve with community policing.

“This is actually something that we've been working on for three years now. An idea where we wanted to take another step forward in community policing,” he said.

The panel will consist anywhere from eight to 12 people and can be anyone from citizens to business owners. To allow for greater participation from the community, BPD will elect new members of the panel every two years.

“I'm hoping that it creates even more partnerships because as we grow as a city, it's going to require those partnerships with the community we serve to maintain this quality of life,” Bones said.

If you’re interested in being a part of the panel or would like to nominate someone for the Chief’s Community Advisory Panel you can email the Boise Police Department at bpdchiefscommunityadvisorypanel@cityofboise.org.

Bones says they may not be able to accept every nomination, but will make an effort to ensure the department does have a good representation of the community. The chief expects the panel to be up and running in a couple of months.