The City of Boise's Christmas tree is in place for this year's festivities. The giant blue spruce tree was moved from a home on Euclid Avenue near Boise State University to the Grove Plaza in downtown Boise Monday morning.

Homeowners Rusty and Mike Cook say the tree had been there for about 30 years. After being cut down, the 11,000-pound tree was loaded onto a truck and hauled to its destination.

“We just wanted the city to have an awesome Christmas tree,” said Rusty Cook. “Christmas is our favorite holiday.”

Traffic was closed on six Boise streets while the tree was being moved. The entire move took about two-an-a-half hours.

The spruce tree will be decorated and will become the centerpiece for the city's holiday celebrations. The Boise Tree Lighting ceremony on the Grove Plaza is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 24 at 5 p.m.