BOISE -- Day four of the world's largest consumer electronics show, CES in Las Vegas, came with a big honor for a Boise company.

Black Box VR was awarded Engadet's best startup of CES 2018.

Black Box VR uses virtual reality goggles and specially designed workout equipment to turn exercise into a video game.

The main goal of creating this virtual way of working out is to make exercising fun again. Creators say with this way of working out 30 minutes really only feels like ten because you're so immersed in the game.

"Black Box VR is the world's first VR fitness experience that uses real resistance, but basically you have the traditional gym with the traditional cable machine where you have to pull the pin out to move the cages up and down, and then even when you do that, you're bored out of your mind, right? So with Black Box we say, 'You know what? Let's take some immersive qualities from virtual reality and let's pair that with a dynamic resistance machine," said Preston Lewis. "So what we've done is we've invented a dynamic resistance machine that just won a CES innovation award for 2018, which is super exciting, and every action you take in the actual real world, whether its a curl or a chest press or any fitness movement, it will actually correspond to an in-game attack or defense of your base."

"It's the perfect physical, digital experience. Honestly, because I'm a sports strength coach, so you actually know you're doing resistance training which is super advantageous in a real-life way and then you have this digital experience where it adds the competition and your adrenaline gets up there and you can see how you perform under both," said Dr. Veera Asher.

Lewis says their booth was constantly busy. Out of 4,400 high tech vendors at the show, Boise's Black Box VR ranked first for tech fitness and sixth overall.

Every Black Box VR gym will include multiple rooms showcasing the latest in virtual reality fitness gear for members to use and benefit from including cardio machines like treadmills and spin bikes as well as room scale group classes.

Lewis says in the next six months, they hope to open their first physical location in San Francisco. You'd go into a Black Box gym and there will be 10-15 units instead of a warehouse-like gym. Lewis says you would walk into your own black box and have your own workout space doing whatever workout you want to do.