After China announced its new recycling restrictions on certain plastics, most cities and counties around the country will now have to recycle less.

Starting at the beginning of the new year, Republic Services announced they will no longer accept plastics containing numbers three through seven.

KTVB reported Wednesday that Boise is the only exception to this new rule.

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Come Thursday, now we know why.

"Boise residents will now be able to recycle more material," says Colin Hickman of Boise Public Services.

Boise residents can still recycle three to seven plastics and in addition, come April, items like Styrofoam, which have never been able to be recycled, will be accepted.

No extra recycle bin needed.

All of these plastics can be tossed into an orange trash bag supplied by the city.

"When they are full they will tie it up and put it into the recycling cart and that will be collected just as usual," says Hickman.

The orange bags will be sorted, then off to Utah they go!

"In Salt Lake it's an innovative process that breaks the plastics down to their molecular level and basically turns them back into petroleum, which is then converted into a synthetic diesel fuel," says Hickman.

Boise will be among the first cities in the country to re-use these particular plastics for synthetic fuel instead of shipping them off to the landfill.

"It's not widespread as of yet these changes to plastics have been happening rapidly so cities across the county have really been scrambling with how to deal with this, so this is an opportunity for the city of Boise to get in early," says Hickman.

Thanks to a $50,000 grant from Dow Packaging, Specialty Plastics and Keep America Beautiful, Boise is able to take advantage of this sustainable opportunity.

"For the city of Boise that sustainability aspect is really important, we know that city residents really value that and so it was a solution that we thought would really resonate across the city," says Hickman.

City officials say that at this time they don't anticipate any change in trash or recycling utility rates.

Republic Services says after this new recycling program is underway in Boise come April, Republic Services says that this option may become available for other cities in the Treasure Valley.