BOISE, Idaho — Summer is fast approaching, bringing the wildfire season with it but the new Boise Wildland Fire Academy hosted an open house on Tuesday to discuss what's in store for Idaho.

This is the inaugural season for the Boise Wildland Fire Academy. The academy provides classroom and field training for recruits that will battle wildfires in the future.

The program includes mentoring, education, and on-the-job training - giving the new recruits the skills and experience for a career in wildland fire.

Recruits say the academy's on-the-job training is extremely valuable in preparing for the long summer ahead.

"It really starts to click when you are really out there doing it, and the big picture comes together with reality," Stephan Fletcher, a new recruit, said.

As recruits continue with their training, they will soon lend a hand to help battle wildland fires across the region and the country, wherever help is needed.

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