BOISE — A teenager's abrupt death after a skateboarding accident has shocked and saddened everyone who knew him.

Jacob Rupp was just 14 years old when he died Thursday.

"He was a special soul that touched a lot of people’s lives, and brightened everything up when he came in," Alicia Bunce, who's related to Rupp, said.

Jacob was at a local skate park doing what he loved best last week when his brother, Jordan Rupp, said his little brother took a spill.

"He fell, he hurt his wrist and hip and he just said he was sore, but I guess his muscles were deteriorating or something," he said. "We helped him into the truck then sent him off to the hospital and the next day we showed up, it was all very sudden."

Doctors told Rupp's family he likely suffered from rhabdomyolysis. It's a syndrome that can occur after a muscle injury where toxins leak into the bloodstream.

"Our whole family is devastated, our world has kind of been crushed, our home our everyday life, its hard but were a strong family," Bunce said. "I'm pretty sure these boys will be alright, they have a very good support system, they are strong boys."

A vigil was held for Jacob Sunday night Rhodes Skate Park. Family members said nearly 300 people showed up.

"I had kids from my childhood show up just to give us sympathy and that they were there for us, people I haven't seen in years," Jordan Rupp said.

Along with skateboarding, Jacob's family says he will best be remembered for his energetic personality and being a go-getter.

"I call him young gun, I gave him that name because he was always out running and gunning," Bunce said.

"Last summer he made like $300 just raking peoples' yards and stuff, after school every day that's what he was about and if he wasn't doing that he was at the skate park," Jordan Rupp said.

Bunce added Jacob will always be looking up to his two older brothers.

"They know he's still looking up to them, just from a different angle," Bunce said.

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