BOISE — Things got "sticky" Thursday afternoon over at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

But it was all in good fun.

Last month, the nearly 200 kindergarten through eighth-grade students at the school took part in their biggest fundraiser of the year.

The private school, which has been in Boise for over 50 years, is in need of some TLC.

They were given a challenge - if they met an ambitious fundraising goal - they would get to slime their principal. If they exceeded that goal, they would get to slime their teachers with over 60 gallons of homemade slime.

"When the kids found out that they reached their goal, they were absolutely ecstatic," said parent volunteer Stephanie Ballis. "They couldn't believe that they exceeded the goal by $10,000 and they were so happy."

Now we know how to get kids to clean their rooms - bribe them with slime.