For the first time since the downtown stadium proposal has gone mainstream, Boise State is publicly showing support for it as a home to their soccer and baseball teams.

The university's support is seen as key element in the plan for a multi-use stadium complex near downtown Boise.

Boise State would be a stakeholder in the facility with women's soccer in the fall and men's baseball in the spring.

KTVB sat down with Boise State Athletic Director Curt Apsey to find out where the school stands on the project.

Earlier this week, Boise State's reaction to the complex was a bit non-committal, but that's not the case, says Apsey.

Apsey told KTVB that they've backed the idea of a new downtown stadium ever since it was first proposed, and he's hopeful Boise State's new baseball program will play there.

Apsey says there has been a lot of discussion on the potential costs regarding the lease on the stadium, however, nothing is being finalized at the moment.

He adds that Boise State will continue to with their due diligence and look at all of the available options -- like whether or not they could play on campus or even use Memorial Stadium.

As for a timeline, Apsey is hopeful they can find an answer in the next 60 to 90 days.

"Right now, the end result of that new stadium is obviously being discussed," Apsey said. "We want to be good partners with the city of Boise. I've always said it's a wonderful idea to have something like that downtown. (You can) revitalize it, it's close to campus. At the end of the day, we're just looking for a place for our team to play. In my role, that's most important to me."

As for an update on the search for a baseball coach, Apsey says that there were over 100 applicants for the position. The search is now closed, and the process of finding the best applicant begins.

Apsey says the goal is to have a coach in place by the end of the year.

One more thing, it doesn't sound the decision on a stadium will affect the hiring of a coach. Apsey says that if Boise State ends up making the hire before they finalize where they plan to play, then the coach could have input on the process as well.