Boise State University announced Friday afternoon they have purchased two properties on the south edge of campus.

The university bought a parking lot from the Boise Church of Christ on the corner of Denver and Belmont streets, just south of the intersection of University Drive and Broadway Avenue.

Boise State and the church were involved in extensive negotiations since late 2017 but were able to reach an agreement.

The second property bought by the university was an empty four-plex on Beacon Street from Cotner Properties and Investments LLC. 

The university was given the power of eminent domain by the Idaho State Board of Education to take over properties that they may need to build a baseball stadium for their revived baseball program in August but was able to reach deals with the owners for the two properties.

The proposed stadium may be built on Becan Street, between Denver and Elucid avenues, south of Albertsons Stadium.

The baseball stadium is expected to be built for the 2020 season and cost up to $8 million.

The statement from Boise State did not indicate that the properties will be used for a baseball stadium.

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According to a statement from Boise State, the properties were both in the university's Campus Master Plan for expansion for over 40 years and are one of the last pieces of land on the south edge of campus that the university will buy, according to a statement from Boise State.

The university did not state what the properties will be used for.