BOISE -- Boise residents are going to start seeing an increase to their trash bills as the city launches a new composting program. The initiative is aimed at reducing the amount of waste that gets tossed into the Ada County Landfill.

City spokesman Mike Journee said about half the homes in Boise have already gotten mailers with their monthly utility bill about the composting. The other half will go out early next month, he said.

"It takes a long time to distribute these bins and get everybody's selection in, so we wanted to get that done early on and as we clarify details, the program will get its start June 1st," Journee said.

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Trash collection bills for single family homes are expected to go up about $8.40 once the program kicks off. But those who choose to participate in the composting will get a $5 rebate, bringing their total cost increase to about $3.40.

Composting is a way of decomposing organic material like grass clippings, leaves, fruits and vegetables. The decomposed matter is then recycled into a nutrient-rich soil that can be used to help your yard or garden grow.

Those who opt into the program will get an extra garbage container to put those materials in before they're hauled away by the city. Finished compost will then be available for anyone in the program to pick up and use at their own home.

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"In March, they'll be able to select their own composting bin, similar to the trash and recycling bins everyone already has," Journee said.

According to the city, 45 percent of the waste that gets dumped into the landfill could be composted.

People who are already composting at home and don't want to take part in the city program may be eligible for a waiver.

For more information, visit Boise's composting website here.