BOISE -- The Boise Rescue Mission Ministries is calling on help from the public to raise funds to cover a $300,000 budget shortfall.

BRM CEO Bill Roscoe says the shortfall started last fall, after unforeseen problems prevented the mission's yearly Thanksgiving holiday appeal letter from being sent. Since then, the mission has been getting by on less income and by dipping into its reserves.

"So now we’re about out of our reserves and the next step is asking people to help and hopefully people will step up and help as they have done historically since 1958," said Roscoe. "By the end of this month our reserves will be just about depleted and we need some help between now and then to get off into the fall."

Roscoe says a last resort would be taking out a loan to cover costs.

"We’d like to be debt free, we don’t take any government funds and we’ve been depending on the people here in the valley," said Roscoe. "So we’re hopeful that people hear this message, and those who can will give and those who can’t will pray, and we’ll see how we come out of this problem that we’re in."

On Monday, the Boise Rescue Mission sent out the following statement asking the public to donate:

“For 58 years, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries has made every effort to be cost-efficient and wise with the income our generous community provides, but we are currently experiencing a large deficit. Every day, we have over 400 homeless men, women and children depending on us for safe shelter, meals and assistance. Additionally, we have 30 veterans staying in the Veterans Ministry Program, more than 40 men and women in our New Life Recovery Program and over 50 children in our Kids Program.

This coordinated effort is seeing real results in the lives of our guests and, last year, over 450 men and women moved from our shelters into independent living. But, we have a current financial need and we request our community's prayerful support to assist us to continue serving homeless and needy men, women and children in our community.

"I want people to know that we have a large need, and I'm not crying wolf. We need some help right away" said Mission CEO, Bill Roscoe. "I'm confident that people will respond to this appeal, as they always have in the past" Roscoe added.

Please consider donating to your Rescue Mission today.”

To make a donation, visit any one of the five Boise Rescue Mission locations, call 208-343-2389 or click here.