When the snow is coming down and the roads are bad, police often respond to dozens of crashes in a single day. And many of them are preventable.

The Boise Police Department wants to make sure drivers are prepared for winter driving conditions.

A group of patrol officers are focusing on winter driving enforcement and education in an effort to try and curb the number of crashes they have seen in recent winters.

"We're trying to get people in the frame of mind of being prepared to drive in adverse winter conditions," says Boise Police Officer Josh Coltrin.

One way Coltrin does that is making contact with as many drivers as possible.

And not necessarily giving them a ticket, but for now, a warning, and hoping it will work.

"There's factors we don't face when it's the summer months, there is road conditions that you are not prepared for, giving yourself extra time to stop," says Coltrin.

Through this effort, Coltrin and other BPD officers are specifically looking for drivers who are speeding, not wearing seatbelts or are distracted, which usually means on their cell phones.

Coltrin believes if drivers can drop these habits now before the snow hits, the roads will be a lot safer when it does.

"I believe the majority of all collisions could be avoided if people would really focus on just driving," says Coltrin.