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Boise Police explain how to properly use the center turning lane

Police can ticket drivers for not properly using the center turn lane.

BOISE, Idaho — If you've ever used the center turning lane to merge with traffic, you may have broken a driving law.

According to Boise Police, you cannot travel more than 100 feet at a time in the center turning lane.

Boise City Code states: "Upon a roadway where traffic is permitted to move in both directions, whenever the center lane of said roadway is bounded by solid lines, vehicles shall travel upon said center lane only for the purposes of turning to the left or entering a designated traffic lane after completion of a left turn. Vehicles shall not use said center lane as a passing lane nor shall any vehicle travel upon said center lane for a distance of more than one hundred feet (100') prior to turning to the left or following completion of a left turn."

Boise Police Sgt. Matt Convalinka explained the code in laymen's terms.

"When you're exiting a parking lot, you can use the center turn lane to help you merge into traffic, however, you cannot travel more than 100 feet in that lane," Sgt. Convilinka said. 

While it is perfectly legal to cut across the center lane when turning left, the Sargent said there's a safer way to make a left turn out of a parking lot or side street. "The best thing and the safest thing to do make your left-hand turn, stop, and wait for a break in the traffic before you merge into the lane," he said.

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