As Hurricane Irma makes its way up the Florida Coast, we are seeing firsthand videos and pictures from the people right in the storm’s path.

Those pictures and videos coming from inside the storm’s path are dramatic to say the least, as one Boise native who now calls Florida home puts it.

For those who decided to stay along the coast during the storm, for now, all they can do is watch and hope they are prepared.

For days, the state of Florida has been preparing for Hurricane Irma.

"You could see people’s level of panic rise, and gas stations were getting inundated. Walmart and shopping chains that offer larger quantities were selling out of water and basic necessities," Ryan Ransom said.

Boise native Ryan Ransom now calls Bradenton, Florida, home. About 40 miles south of Tampa Bay, Bradenton is right in the projected path of destruction.

"Right now it's kind of hovering, it's kind of ominous the damage that it's capable of, it's just slowly, very slowly, crawling our way," he said.

Over the last three days, Ryan and his brother Sam have been working hard to make sure their home is protected from the worst.

"We made our own sandbags, barricaded the front door, and boarded the windows," Ryan said.

And after days of preparing, the hurricane is now making its way up the Florida coast, and showing just how dangerous it is.

"As of 3 p.m. today there is a mandatory curfew, the sheriff's department doesn't want anyone on the roads after 3 p.m.," Ryan said.

Ryan says now all they can do is wait and pray for the best.

"They say to prepare for three days at the least, we are expected a week’s worth of power loss, we have a few days of food rationed," Ryan said.

But in the meantime, they are ready for the worst.

"We are just waiting to ride this out, and then start the rebuilding process," he said.

And we will be staying in touch with Ryan and his brother throughout the storm to hear how things develop.

As for thousands and thousands of people in the storm’s path, for now all they can do is watch, wait, and wonder is next.