Hundreds have been affected by the Las Vegas tragedy, including people in Idaho who made the trip for the concert.

One of those Idahoans, Jason Hammond was among one of 500 people plus who were injured.

Hammond was struck by a bullet in the knee and another that grazed the back of his head.

Hammond's father, Mike, says his son was finally able to make it into surgery Monday night after Vegas hospitals were overcrowded with victims from the mass shooting.

Mike Hammond says his son is expected to make a quick recovery and get back home to Boise soon.

He has only been able to communicate with his son sporadically, initially Hammond's wife Lauren, who was also at the concert called Mike Hammond to let her father-in-law know there had been a shooting and that Hammond had been hit.

The phone call then abruptly ended.

Lauren lost her phone in all the chaos.

It would be hours before Mike Hammond heard from his son or Lauren.

“It's just a sinking feeling, as your son, how bad is his injuries is he going to make it and then after 45 minutes or so you start seeing the stuff on TV, it was a relief to find out that he wasn't critical,” says Mike Hammond.

He says that his son and wife Lauren are without insurance.

If you would like to help contribute to Hammond’s costly and unexpected medical bills, click here.