UPDATE: The City of Boise filed an appeal on May 23 with Ada County. They are looking to appeal Ada County Planning and Zoning's decision to move forward with a private air strip in the Boise Foothills. Another appeal was filed by wildlife advocates.

There will be a final public hearing July 27 at 6 p.m. at the Ada County Courthouse.

BOISE -- A Boise man says his quest to land a small plane on his private property has been more complicated than he anticipated.

The man behind the proposal, Dean Hilde, says he's frustrated with the Boise City Council's plan to appeal the Ada County Planning & Zoning Commission's decision to allow the landings.

In April, Boise City Council members, Parks and Recreation and the Boise Fire Department recommended not allowing the landings based on concerns for preserving open space, wildlife, and fire safety. However, because the property is outside Boise city limits, the decision falls on Ada County.

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A spokesperson for Ada County tells KTVB the application requires Hilde to annex into a fire district and make sure wildlife in the area are protected before continuing to land his plane in a horse pasture on his property.

The Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-1 last week to approve the application after testimony from the public. The landing strip will be 1,200 feet long by 40 feet wide, and sits on a nearly 150-acre property in the Foothills. The commission also approved the building of a 3,600-square foot structure to be used as a shop and hangar.

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Hilde says he's spent a lot of time with county officials to make sure everything is done right - but the city hasn't spent any time discussing the plan with him.

"I really felt like they didn't give me a fair shot and I don't necessarily think they need to agree with what I'm doing," Hilde added. "But as public servants they need to be fair, and they're not fair."

If the city does file an appeal, the issue will go before Ada County commissioners at a public hearing.

Members of the public have 15 days to file an appeal application with Ada County Development Services.