BOISE -- KTVB has learned that the Boise Valley Economic Partnership has asked Amazon to consider the Boise Metro area for its second corporate headquarters. Cities across the country have scrambled to submit proposals before the October 19 deadline, after Amazon promised the winning city 50,000 jobs and millions, if not billions, of dollars in economic benefit.

"Anytime you can talk to a great company like Amazon, I think you've got to take that opportunity," said Clark Krause, executive director of Boise Valley Economic Partnership.

According to Amazon, it received 238 proposals from cities and regions in 54 states, provinces, districts and terrorities across North America.

Cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, and even Boise.

"We decided it was a good opportunity for us,' said Krause. "If they opened our letter and we got in front of them and we could tell them some great things about the Boise Metro we felt that was better than not responding at all."

Amazon has said its preferences are for cities with more than a million people, access to mass transit and an international airport, among other preferences.

Boise has none of those, but does offer quality of life, recreation, low crime, and the City of Trees has landed on multiple "Top 10" lists.

Krause said they mentioned Idaho's home-grown companies, such as Simplot, Micron and Albertsons.

"Those are things that show people from the outside how incredibly easy it is to be successful here in the Valley," said Krause.

Amazon is also looking for a talented labor pool and strong university system, which Krause says Boise can fulfill.

"The critical point for any company now looking across the country is do you have the talent that we need to fill the rooftop," said Krause. "And that was part of the story that we told Amazon is we showed them the type of people that we have living here in the Valley, but also the pipes that are here with Boise State, CWI, College of Idaho and even out toward Rexburg and the BYU campus. There is just a terrific potential here to fill your talent pipe, your rooftop for years to come."

However, Krause admits winning the Amazon deal is a longshot for Boise. He says he believes even a city like Denver would be too small. So why did Boise submit?

"You asked me did we submit," said Krause. "I think we responded to the proposal which was saying, 'Hey, we probably don't qualify for this one, but please, please keep us in mind for other projects that we are super rich with talent and resources for,'" said Krause.

KTVB asked Krause about the potential of Boise landing a smaller Amazon project, like a distribution center, which has been rumored for months. Krause would not confirm or deny the rumors.

"If you look at what Amazon is doing across the country, I think it's just a matter of time that we'll be considered for some of the Amazon distribution centers, hopefully some regional offices," said Krause. "I think that's around the corner. I mean they are so large and they're going to be doing so many things around the country, it just makes since that someday we're going to see some of that opportunity."

Krause says they know that Amazon has at least looked at Boise's proposal. He says on Tuesday Amazon contacted Boise Valley Economic Partnership asking them to resubmit their proposal in a different format.