A Boise business is doing its part to be a good steward to the environment.

The Riverside Hotel just unveiled it’s system that will help keep the Boise River clean.

Permeable Pavers have been installed into the parking lot where dirty rain water would normally pool, and then flow into the Boise River.

“Then you also get metal filings, that come off of breaks, you get oil and grease that drips off cars then you get trash, cigarette butts and that stuff too,” said Liz Paul with the Boise River Enhancement Network.

The hotel was built back in the late 1960’s, before regulations were put in place that mandate certain buildings install absorbing mechanisms.

Owners of the Riverside Hotel voluntarily installed the pavers and rain water is now absorbed naturally into the ground while the pollutants are trapped in the top layer of the pavement where they degrade.

“It benefits the environment a couple of ways. First off by removing pollutants, we end up with cleaner water overall, and we also end up recharging our aquifers. And most importantly, were taking that polluted storm water and not allowing it to get into the Boise River where it flows downstream,” said civil engineer with the Land Group Jason Densmer.

The pavers will treat almost an acre and a half of storm water from the parking lot and landscaping.

The Boise River Enhancement Network is hopeful other older buildings along the waterfront will follow the Riverside Hotel’s green footsteps.