Do you remember what the Boise River looked like just a few months back?

It was flowing higher and faster than we had seen in years.

And one guy who decided to jump into the water in Star found himself in a bad situation.

Luckily, a group of Boise firefighters were able to save him.

Today, they were awarded for their heroism.

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A Medal of Valor was presented to Captain Jerrod Wong, and firefighters Mike Zolin and Chad Tiffany for their lifesaving efforts.

It was back in April when they got a call that at 2 a.m. that a man in his 20s was being swept downstream.

“This is my first rescue in the evening, at night, with that high of water,” said Wong. “Like I said, we do rescue quite a few people on the Boise River during float season, and it puts us in similar situations, but with the high water, and it being Star at night, it makes everything’s a little more difficult.”

Captain Wong says it took two attempts for his team to rescue the man and bring him safely to shore.

He also credited the city of Star and Eagle for their help.