It was a happy reunion Tuesday afternoon as K-9 officer Jardo and Corporal Chris Davis saw each other for the first time since both were shot in the line of duty last Friday.

"He's just another officer like the rest of us and obviously we're worried about him and hoping he can get back to duty as soon as he can," Cpl. Davis said.

Davis has been with the Boise Police Department for 16 years, and on the department's special operations unit for 11. Davis was shot in the leg while responding to last week's manhunt on the Central Rim that left the suspect, 33-year-old Marco Romero, dead.

"It went in the side of my leg and came out the back of my leg. Kind of a through and through," Davis said. "It went through my leg, passed the femur, it missed the femur and the artery and everything else like that, which is nice."

Davis spent one night in the hospital before he was released on his own accord.

"Just sore and getting around. So it's a day-by-day thing," Davis said.

Davis says he's waiting for his wound to heal and spending time with his family, as they too were shaken by Friday's shooting, especially his wife.

"She was very freaked out. So believe it or not I had the officer take a picture of me and send it to her, just to prove that I was alive and I was there," Davis said.

Jardo, the 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, had his check-up Tuesday at WestVet Animal Hospital.

"Seeing Jardo in the condition he's in today compared to Friday, it's amazing that he's actually able to get around the way he is," said Sgt. Kirk Rush, the Boise Police Department's K-9 Unit supervisor.

During Friday's stand-off, Jardo was shot once through the chest, he spent two hours on the operating table and had one of his lungs removed. However, Sgt. Rush says the public can expect to see Jardo back on the streets soon.

"Within a week or two we believe that he's actually going to be out on the street sniffing cars again and helping us out in that aspect of his job, and in one to two months we think that he's probably going to be helping us out in the patrol aspect," Rush said.

Davis says now that he and Jardo are recovering, they're turning their attention to their fellow officer, Cpl. Kevin Holtry, who remains in the hospital in critical condition.

"It's all about thinking about Kevin and his recovery and going from there," Davis said.