BOISE — The Boise City Council is changing the way it's holding public testimony at an upcoming hearing for a new bike skills park in the basin between Fort Boise Park and the Military Reserve.

On Friday, the city council announced it is suspending the way it typically holds public testimony.

Instead of only allowing people who have signed up to testify at a previous hearing, the city council will allow anyone to testify at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday, October 16.

“It's interesting that they've decided to do it this way,” David Hayes, one of the spokespeople for Friends of Military Reserve said.

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The change in the testimony rules comes after Boise's Planning and Zoning Commission denied an appeal on July 9, challenging the approval of the necessary permits required for the park's construction.

Tuesday’s hearing will appeal that decision.

“I was planning on attending the hearing because I’m one of the appellants of this issue of council approving a dog park here without any public notice of it,” Hayes said.

Boise Mayor David Bieter and the city council have elected to accept comments from anyone who would like to attend the meeting and testify, after significant public interest, according to a news release from the Office of the Mayor.

“I'd like to see them revisit the entire issue,” Hayes said. “Open it up to public discussion. What are the alternatives to the park and who wants this park? Why do they want it? How many people will it benefit? What would be the reason for the park in the first place?”

Boise resident, John Mignanelli supports the plans.

“I think most the bikers are excited about having a new bike place to have and dog owners have their own place, my only suggestion is the archery folks need to go up to the old pistol range, so they have their own place, which is an excellent facility away from everything,” Mignanelli said.

“I’m pretty interested in the idea that you don't have to sign up, but I’m curious if there is a time cap and how late in the night it will go until,” Cara Saperston, cyclist said.