BOISE - Members of a Boise church are making sure every child in Wilder gets a gift this Christmas.

Eastwind Community Church "adopted" Wilder several years ago, according to church member Marlene Robinson, who recently moved to Boise and was impressed with how much the congregation does for the small town.

During the holidays, the church fills 600 boxes with gifts for the town's children. The gifts include toys, games, treats, and warm clothes.

Church members held a gift-wrapping party on Sunday where they created an impressive stack of presents.

"I recently moved here from California, where I attended a 'Mega Church' and we were proud to fill 250 boxes for Operation Christmas Child," Robinson said in an email to KTVB. "Eastwind Community Church isn't even 1/3 the size of that church and we are filling 600 boxes! That's impressive."

The gifts will be delivered this week. Church members also plan to host a luncheon for all of the town's teachers.