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Boise Bicycle Project to give away 500 bikes this holiday season, but still needs more

The 12th annual Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway is happening on December 15.

BOISE — Christmas is still more than three weeks away, but the Boise Bicycle Project is already getting ready for its annual mission: to give hundreds of kids in our community a bike for Christmas.

They need your help though.

Last year, the organization gave away 400 bikes.

This year, they’re giving away a record 500 bikes to children between the ages of 2 and 11.

“Each child draws their own dream bike,” Boise Bicycle Project shop manager Emily Summerhays said. “We do our best to take our refurbished bikes and match it to the child.”

Boise Bicycle Project’s adults program coordinator Casey Mclellan says some of the kids ask for bikes that double as a helicopter, so they can fly, while others ask for bikes with dragons on it.

“Some of the stories are really cool and it helps us tap back into when we were kids,” Mclellan said.

The giveaway comes at a time when some families could use a little extra help.

“It's a time of the year where we're celebrating so much and gifting, but we have a population and a community that is maybe just getting by and we need to support that community and a bicycle is a great way to give a child freedom that they might not have without it,” Summerhays said.

Right now, the organization is about 150 bikes short.

They're looking for gently used 24- and 25-inch bikes.

“If you're not familiar with how to tell what the size is, you can just look at the side wall of the tire itself and you'll see two numbers, that first number is what we're looking for,” Mclellan said.

The deadline for anyone who would like to apply for a bike for a child has been extended to December 4.

“We do request that the child has a referring organization... but if a family needs a bike, they can still reach out directly and we'll support the process,” Summerhays said.

Anyone who applies for a bike will also need to be present at the event to take home the bike.

The 12th annual Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway happens on December 15.