The Boise Bicycle Project’s “Riding to Raise the Roof” expansion is finally complete.
It was a full year long grassroots campaign to expand the organization’s building. The new additions include an office space for employees and a classroom that will be free for anyone in the community to use.

"So what we want to do is be able to encourage other organizations in our community to do the awesome work that they are doing and not be limited by needing to purchase an office space and pay monthly rent and things like that," Kelly McDonnell, development director for Boise Bicycle Project, said.

The new space is also meant for kids who regularly come to the shop.

"They can come up here do their homework, work on community projects, use it as a safe space to come and hangout and do productive things for our community," McDonnell said.

The 2000 sq. ft. of new space also helps with the Boise Bike Project’s mission of providing bikes to everyone.

"It's means that we can take in more bikes. It means we can process more donated bikes,” McDonnell said. “We can fix up more bikes and get them out in the community."

So whether it’s going through their kids programs where they donate bikes to kids for free or through an adult program where they have affordable bikes for sale to anyone in the community, this new space helps them do that.

"The amount of impact that we've been able to have over the past 10 years, you know, we've given over 12,000 bikes into our community and over 5,000 of those bikes have been completely donated for free to kids," McDonnell said.

The expansion is finished just in time for the organization's 10th anniversary. They are holding a party to celebrate on Oct. 14.