BOISE, Idaho — For some kids, getting a bike under the Christmas tree is not a reality. Thanks to the Boise Bicycle Project's 12th Annual Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway though, hundreds of kids across the treasure valley can now experience the joy of having a new bike.

On Saturday, The Boise Bicycle Project gave away more than 600 bikes. All of them donated. 

All of the children who received a bike were referred to the Boise Bicycle Project from a school or non-profit organization.

“The kids when they sign up they draw their dream pictures of their bicycles for us and then we use these pictures to pick out the bike they're going to get,” Jimmy Hallyburton, the executive director and founder of the Boise Bicycle Project, said.

A record 580 kids registered for a bike this year, but that number increased at the giveaway. 

“Every once in a while a family shows up and the older brother might be registered, but the younger sister isn’t and so we don’t want to turn any kids away, so it looks like we're going to be donating over 600 bicycles to kids,” Hallyburton said.

Haji Jawid's kids are among those 600.

“I’m feeling so good when I see a smile on their face,” Jawid said. All four of his kids rode off with a new bike Saturday.

”They’re so excited, they like their bikes, they're excited for the helmet, the new bikes, they're so excited,” Jawid said.

Eight-year-old Azza Ibrahim also got a blue bike and said, “It's my favorite color. I’m really happy."

“These are some kids first bikes and they finally get an opportunity to ride bikes," Hallyburton said.

The Boise Bicycle Project also donated helmets and bike locks to the kids, as well as fit each kid to their new bike.