Major upgrades are in store for Bogus Basin this summer. The nonprofit’s board has approved the mountain to spend millions of dollars to upgrade their summer recreation activities.

“Bogus Basin has a lot of potential to bring as many people up in the summer as we do in the winter. So the sky is the limit on what we can do, and we're very excited to make advancements on that this summer,” Bogus Basin Director of Development Susan Saad said.

The board has approved the investment of $4.3 million to add a number of things at the base of the mountain. Some of those enhancements include a rock climbing wall, summer tubing, expanded mountain biking trails, expanded outside seating, and a mountain coaster.

“We’ll have a number of activities in the base area that appeal really to all abilities, all ages, and really have it be a place where everyone can come up,” Saad said.

The increased summer activities will allow the mountain to generate more revenue and not rely solely on snow in the winter. The improvements come nearly two years after Bogus started to brainstorm on ways they could invest in their future.

“We're excited to be able to provide these opportunities and enhancements, and we're also excited to really have our future be stable for the next 75 years,” Saad said.

The past two snow seasons have helped the mountain improve their finances, but Bogus is still about $7 million in debt. Saad says the summer improvements won't add to that debt and are already funded.

“These enhancements are being entirely funded by the mountain through our season, the revenues from the season, and the revenues from the season pass sale. So in no way are we increasing the amount of debt we have,” Saad said.

Construction is set to begin once the snow melts. The snow tubing hill is expected to be completed by July 1. The mountain coaster set to open on August 1.