Bogus Basin worked Thursday to put the finishing touches on their newest attraction: The Glade Runner Mountain Coaster.

“To see the mountain coaster come online right for the Christmas holidays is a heck of a Christmas present for Bogus Basin and the Treasure Valley,” Bogus Basin General Manager Brad Wilson said.

A year-round experience that allows riders to zip through the trees at speeds of over 20 mph.

However, the mountain coaster is just the start of many additions planned for Bogus Basin. It's all a part of the mountain's new 10-year, $20 million master plan.

“That sounds like a whole bunch of money, but when you spread out over 10 years we feel it's very achievable,” Wilson said.

Earlier this week, the mountain reached its goal of raising $6 million out of the $20 million needed for the master plan. Wilson believes the mountain can raise the rest of the money through their operations.

One of the first items on the agenda is addressing the recreation area's snowmaking abilities - something they're currently working on.

The mountain is in the process of negotiation with the United States Forest Service as well as gathering permits to put in a pond and dam that would catch the run-off water from the mountain.

“We put it up on the hill, it runs back down, we put it back up again. So, we kind of recycle it and we do it in a time when our downstream users don't need it for irrigation,” Wilson said.

The snowmaking pond would be located near the tubing hill and cross-country area. The dimensions and depth of the pond, along with the size of the dam, are not yet finalized.

The mountain also plans to update their current snow guns by adding 26 automated guns.

“What we're able to do is to then make snow top to bottom on one trail. It would take about 50 hours to open upper ridge and lower ridge, of snowmaking hours, and we would move onto the next trail,” Wilson said.

Over the next two summers, the master plan also adds more summer activities to help the mountain become a more year-round recreation area.

“Aerial adventure course, canopy tour, so what we'll have is we'll have a real activity center in the summer,” Wilson said.

Down the road, Bogus Basin is also wanting to replace one of its oldest chairs, Morning Star, with a high-speed quad chair lift.

“Provide better access, faster access, and easier access to Pioneer Lodge to chair three, superior area,” Wilson said. “It allows us to fulfill our mission as a nonprofit and that's to provide accessible and affordable recreation to the Treasure Valley."

The mountain is having a 75th anniversary celebration on Friday with the opening of not only the mountain coaster, but also the Coach Lift for its winter operations.