Fireworks lit up the night sky over Bogus Basin on Monday night. The recreation area celebrated the first day of 2018 with the 2nd annual Fireworks on the Mountain celebration.

“The reaction we got from the thousands of people that were here last year was just, to me, was one of the most personally gratifying things I've ever done and so now we're going to repeat that,” Bogus Basin General Manager Brad Wilson said.

Skies and snowboarders were also treated to several more hours of skiing Monday with the lifts not closing until 6 o'clock.

“We have a couple friends that are in town visiting from Miami and Indiana and Texas. So, we're just trying to show them a good time and bring them up to Bogus,” Jamie Kendrick said.

“Haven't skied in a while, just trying it out for the first time, come up and hang out with friends,” Cy Stroud said.

The celebration consisted of trivia, music, extended hours, and of course fireworks.

“We came up to watch the fireworks and the fire and Bogus always has a good vibe, so we came to hang out,” Spencer Hansen said.

“Skiing, that's what I love doing and see some fireworks,” Stroud said.

It's a second-year celebration that Wilson says has now become a tradition.

“Let's make this fun. Let's celebrate the holidays. Let's have fireworks. Let's dress up the place for Christmas, and so this is what we're doing now,” Wilson said.

The start of a New Year and new phase for Bogus Basin.

“The next big step will be snowmaking and we could be standing here looking at a lot more snow, when we have snowmaking. So that's going to be a big push,” Wilson said.