Whether it's World War I planes, historic fighter jets or just a general interest in flying memorabilia, the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa caters to any aviation buff.

That includes those who can’t see.

Wednesday, a group of blind visitors toured the museum and experienced history through touch.

Both former military pilots, T.J. McGrath and Ted Felles, have been giving tours inside the Nampa Warhawk Air Museum for years.

"Anywhere from people to two years old to 96 years old, all kinds of different people," says McGrath.

Wednesday, the guides gave Ron Fife and Dana Ard the historic tour, two visitors who are blind.

"It's fascinating you learn really how big they are and everything, the fabric they are made of and the shape and things do etc.," says Ard.

Because Fife and Ard can't see, the "do not touch" signs were lifted and the two were able to feel the old planes, engines and even uniforms to get a grasp of the history they were being told about.

"I have been interested in aviation since I got my first airplane," says Fife.

"I liked learning about the P40s that flew and were actually in the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora" since I went, and actually saw the movie with this guy that I dated, so I got to call him, that was fun. And then hearing about the P51 and my friend that had been involved," added Ard.

This isn't the sort of tour McGrath and Felles typically give, but a welcomed one. Seeing Fife and Ard's reaction to touch they say is rewarding.

"We wanted to make it an experience where the things you can see, you can feel, you can hear, you can feel the birth of the engines you can hear the sounds of 1942 going through here, that's what we want them to experience," says Felles.

Both Fife and Ard plan on coming back.

"I think this is a great experience, I really enjoy it and I look forward to continuing this afternoon and additional visits in the future," says Ard.