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Betty the Washerwoman back at work on Vista Avenue

Betty's left eye was damaged last month when it was hit with a rock.
Credit: KTVB
FILE PHOTO: Betty the Washerwoman

BOISE, Idaho — Betty the Washerwoman is back at work on her perch above Vista Avenue.

The famous mechanized prop sits above a sign for Cucina Di Paolo Italian restaurant in Boise.

Restaurant owner Paul Wegner told KTVB that someone threw a boulder at Betty last month and struck her left eye. They had to remove her head after the vandalism.

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Fortunately, there was a replacement head for Betty and she is now back to work at her wooden wash tub.

This week, Betty is dressed in rainbow colors in celebration of Pride Month. She usually wears a different outfit each month of the year.

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Police are still looking for the person responsible for the vandalism.