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Bambi graces Idaho ranch for 18 years

Cattle ranchers feel blessed to have a pet deer. However, they wouldn't recommend it to others.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Idaho -- On Bar MB Ranches lives a pet mule deer named Bambi. She arrived on the Washington County cattle farm 18 years ago.

The yearling had lost her mother and another family cared for her until Bambi found her way to Lois Sutton, her husband, Vernon, and her sister and brother-in-law.

"She adopted us, ya know," said Sutton. "She just kinda got turned loose and never left."

Bambi's life is pretty good at the ranch, with a hay shed to sleep in and fed every morning. She also has plenty of friends around too.

"We have hired help here and they all talk to her," said Sutton.

Kids, young and old, come to visit her. Sutton is a retired school teacher so Bambi is well known in the area. Many pictures have been taken of the doe eyes.

"A lot of adults have their picture taken with her too," said Sutton. "She's very photogenic as you can see."

Sutton says having a pet mule deer isn't something she ever wished for or would recommend for others.

"You know it's not natural to raise a wild animal but we didn't raise her," said Sutton. "She was already grown up enough and she made her mind up about where she was going to be. She's a real sweetheart."

As Bambi gets older and is starting to show her age, Sutton says she can't help but feel blessed that the sweet girl came into their lives.