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Baby anteater to get gender reveal party at Zoo Boise

Zoo visitors can see the new pup for the first time this weekend.
Credit: Zoo Boise
A baby anteater was born at Zoo Boise in January. It will make a debut to the public on March 16 during a "gender reveal party."

A baby anteater will make its public debut at Zoo Boise this weekend during a special gender reveal party.

Zoo Boise anteater Gloria gave birth to her baby anteater in January, when the pup weighed just over 2 pounds, according to zoo officials. Zoo staff have closely monitored the growth of the baby anteater - Gloria's third offspring. 

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The gender reveal party is set for Saturday, March 16, at 3 p.m., and the anteater mama and pup will be on display March 16 through 23, aligning with spring break for some schools, including the Boise School District. 

Credit: Zoo Boise
The Zoo Boise anteater, born in January 2019, was 2-weeks old in this photo. The pup will make its debut to the public on Saturday, March 16.

The anteaters will be at a temporary exhibit near the zoo carousel. The main anteater exhibit is under construction and is expected to open later this year. 

Gloria carries her baby on her back -- their stripes match to provide camouflage in the wild. 

An anteater's gestational period is about 183 days, or six months. 

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