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Rocky Mountain High School assistant principal recovering from brain tumor surgery

“It was supposed to be a four-hour surgery and it ended up being 18 hours,” family friend Karen Manthey said.

BOISE, Idaho — The Assistant Principal at Rocky Mountain High School is recovering after he was diagnosed with a large brain tumor.

“It's been a really big trial for their family,” a family friend of 20 years, Karen Manthey said.

Jason Dransfield was at work a few months ago, when he suddenly passed out and was taken to the emergency room, where a mast on his brain discovered, Manthey told KTVB.

“It was supposed to be a four-hour surgery and it ended up being 18 hours,” Manthey said. “Part of that was because the mast was actually hard and instead of thinking they were going to be able to suction it out like a vacuum, they had to chisel it out. So, there's still actually a little bit of it left.” 

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Now, it is a waiting game for the Dransfield family. Manthey said they have to wait for some of the swelling to go down to see if he needs to have more surgery or chemo or radiation. 

While they wait, Dransfield’s sister started a GoFundMe to help the family. The support is especially needed since his recovery is going to take some time.

“It's incredible that he can talk, he can write, his mobility is there," Manthey said. "That was a big worry, because that was the part of the brain that the tumor was on. So, the fact that he's got all of his mental faculties is incredible. He just is really tired, he tires very easily, which is normal.” 

As the father of five recovers, Dransfield is sending a message of hope and gratitude for the prayers and support he has received.

"His heart is so tender and he loves youth so much that I think he's a little stir crazy" Manthey said.

The GoFundMe Dransfield's sister created to support the recovery process can be found here.

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