It's no secret that Idaho, like many states, has a crumbling infrastructure. It's something that has come up in nearly every legislative session in the last decade.

President Donald Trump touched on the issue Tuesday night in his first State of the Union address, and it now appears the plan for some key facelifts is beginning to take shape.

When it comes to the Treasure Valley, the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho, or COMPASS, says it has identified 33 needed transportation corridor improvements and projects.

Some of those projects include:

- Interstate 84 (Centennial Way interchange to Franklin Boulevard interchange)

- State Highway 44 State Street high capacity corridor

- U.S. Highway 20/26 (Chinden Boulevard) (Middleton Road to Locust Grove Road)

- State Highway 55 (Snake River to the city of Nampa)

Idaho Transportation Department officials say they rate our roads from A to F, with F being the most congested. It's not real a surprise that the biggest "F" is along I-84, but when funding doesn't keep up with construction costs it's hard to get ahead on some projects.

"What you're seeing are those critical bridge replacements, you're seeing the pavement rehabilitation, you're not seeing as much of that expansion because based on our funding levels we're focusing on the preservation of the existing system," said Jennifer Gonzalez with ITD.

With that being said, Gonzalez says they are pleased with the increased revenue that came in and that money will be focused on an expansion project on I-84 from Nampa through Caldwell.

Officials say the number of vehicles traveling that stretch of the interstate has increased by about 30,000 over the last decade and they say that number is only going to get larger.

Moving forward it'll be interesting to see if, or how, President Trump's comments Tuesday night will impact any future plans for improvement and expansion projects.